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MARGUERITE Extra Hot Process Custard Powder

Oven stable hot process custard cream following a traditional French recipe. ..

Marguerite White Almond Paste 33%

  White almond paste 33%, for fillings and pastry decorations. White almond paste 33%, with European almonds, for fillings and pastry decorations ..

Marguerite White Almond Paste 50%

White almond paste 50%, for confectionery and "petits fours" Oven stable almond paste containing 50% of European almonds, for pastry and confectionery applications   ..


  Smooth paste with almonds for flavoring custard cream, buttercream, bacarois or chocolate sweets. ..

MARGUERITE Fondant Extra White Icing (for glazing)

  Flux ready to use (To slightly heat without adding water to icing spatula, without heating or dilution, to glaze the socket). ..

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