History :

American-European Products Co.,Ltd. (AEP) has been established since January 1992, the provider of premium food ingredients and  products for pastry mainly from  European Countries  and many part around the world.  Our clients are in many channels such as hotels, leading international restaurants, bakery/ pastry shops, retail supermarkets and pastry industry in Thailand. Our company has been in business for over 21 years now with strength support from our partners for long term business relationship.

Our Partners:

We have imported high quality food ingredients and many varieties of food. We offer all of our products to artisanal pastry, bakery-pasty shop, hotels, restaurant and food related industries together with know-how and quality of service. Our main products we have been establishing with our partners for many year and at present are as follows:

             ♦ Dairy products from Elvis Sas, France

             ♦ Frozen Fruits and Puree from Ponthier SA , France

             ♦ Chocolate products for pastry from Cacao Barry, France 

                ♦ Flour from Grands Moulins de Paris, France

             ♦ Fruits in Light Syrup from South Africa

   ♦ Olives & capers in brine from Siouras, Greek

   ♦ Olive oil & preserved vegetable, Dried pasta, tomato products from Colavita SpA and Ind.AI.Co. SpA, Italy

   ♦ Paste and flavor for ice cream from Pregel SpA. Italy

   ♦ Parmesan Cheese (Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano) from Agriform, Italy

   ♦ Fruit Jam from D’Arbo AG, Austria

   ♦ Ladyfingers from Bonomi SpA, Italy

   ♦ Dried fruit & Nuts (raw) from Meridian Nut Growers, U.S.A.

   ♦ Pastry related accessories such as molds, silicone baking paper, color foil for confectionary, and chocolate decoration, etc. from various supplies mostly from France