Chestnut Puree

Product Description

 Maison PONTHIER is natural passion for chestnuts was born in the heart of Limousin, the homeland of French chestnuts. Maison PONTHIER is today recognised as the highest quality reference in chestnuts by the most famous chefs and the general public. Chestnut pur้e is made in part with these chestnuts. It delights nut connoisseurs because of several specific qualities: long and sweet flavour on the palate, a delicate hint of vanilla and a smooth texture. It can be used in a multitude of ways: for sauces, desserts, creams, bavarois, ice creams, icing or jam. Chestnut FLAVOUR COMBINATIONS Morello cherry, blackcurrant, pear, dark chocolate
Net weight : 1 Kg
Unit : 1 x 6



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